Crown of the Continent: The Wildest Rockies is a large-format photography book that explores the Crown of the Continent, a stretch of wild land that encompasses some of North America’s most popular national parks, and unparalleled diversity of wildlife.  Crown of the Continent is available online and in bookstores everywhere.  I spent over a decade gathering photographs for this book, many of the photos came from week-long treks in the mountains.  To view photographs from the book and the region visit this gallery: Crown of the Continent, The Wildest Rockies

Gnam’s perspective goes deeper than the scenic wildlife portraiture of a coffee table book–it serves to remind us why the Crown of the Continent is so special. –Flathead Beacon

”Crown of the Continent” explores the wildest part of the Rockies, where these spectacular mountains truly come to life, through the lens of Steven Gnam and thoughtful essays of writers who live in the region and deeply care about the Crown and its future. –Seattle Times

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Photography by Steven Gnam
ISBN: 978-1-59485-772-0
193 pages, 10 x 12 inches